Andrew [+] Katy – Wedding

Andrew + Katy from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

We were keeping our eye on the weather for this wedding. I kept pulling my iPhone out to check the radar to see if we would have any windows of opportunity to get some shots outside. There were small little windows to get some quick shots. We ventured inside the Indiana State Museum and there was some square dancing going on. We kept thinking of ways to use this moment. We talked to the guy running the square dancing to see if we could get Andrew and Katy involved. They welcomed them with open arms. Many of the couples dancing had been married 40 and 50 plus years. It was an interesting contrast seeing Andrew and Katy in the middle of these older square dancers. It was fun listening to the banter of marriage advice given to them as they walked out.

Katy looked so beautiful. One of our favorite parts is when Katy had her dress on and she and her Mom had one of those mother daughter moments. A moment realizing that the wedding day is a milestone. Andrew and Katy looked great together and we loved their personalized vows.

Church Tabernacle Presbyterian Church
Venue Mariott-Indianapolis Downtown


Katie & David

Katie & David from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.


This is a trailer for a wedding we filmed on Saturday at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in downtown Indianapolis. The wedding was amazing and we were very impressed with how close this large family is to one another. Everything seemed to fit and flow so well. The reception was at one of the best ballrooms around, The Indiana Roof Ballroom.

The wedding day was very cold. Some of the wind chill readings were hitting -6. Everyone in the wedding party were very good sports about going out into the cold frigid air. We never heard one complaint and they made the best out of a very cold day. What an amazing Bride and great couple. We look forward to editing the final production of this wedding film.

We spent the day shooting with Stefanie and Brock Child’s of SB Childs Photography. We love shooting with them as we seem to have just the right chemistry.

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