Casimir {and} Andrea

Casimir {and} Andrea from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.


This was a wedding we filmed in Indianapolis, Indiana at the beautiful St. John’s Catholic Church in downtown Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Central Library. Casimir and Andrea dated briefly in High School and went their separate ways. As fate would have it, they reconnected while attending Purdue University and now they are Husband and Wife. We are always intrigued by our couples relationship, how they met, and little twists of fate, their family, etc. There is always a story to tell. They had a beautiful wedding all the way around. We enjoyed once again working with our good friends Brock and Stefanie Childs of SB Childs Photography.


Hair and Makeup: WIP Downtown
Photographers: Brock and Stefanie Childs, SB Childs Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Nora Kuzel, Central Library
DJ: Jason Fritz, Pro-Sound Entertainment, Inc
Florist: JP Parker Flowers
Cake Artist: Willow Branch Bakery


Katie {+} David

Katie {+} David from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

If you can remember back to January of this year we posted the trailer to Katie and David’s wedding.  When we woke up that morning we remember thinking it looked like such a beautiful sunny day for a wedding.  The wind chills were hitting -6 degrees….Yikes!   We were worried about getting shots because of the temps and concerned about the couple and bridal party being outside.  They all braved the cold in good spirit to get some of the most fabulous photos of their wedding day taken by our wonderful friends Stefanie and Brock Childs of SB Childs Photography.

A few things we noticed about this wedding had nothing to do with the way things looked, although the wedding was beautiful, it was the people involved in the couples lives that impacted us.  It was quite evident that this was a close family and a very large family.  Some poignant moments were when Katie had her first look at what she looked like with her wedding dress on, her walk down the aisle with her father and the look of anticipation that David had as he watched his Bride approach.  Other moments were the heartfelt speeches of Katie’s Dad, David’s brother and Katie’s 2 sisters, which by the way cracked us up.  Another moment we enjoyed was when Katie asked her Grandfather to be a part of the formal dances, which was a surprise to him.  You could tell he enjoyed that special dance.   How great this will be for Katie and David to be able to share their wedding day with their children and to be able to talk about this important time in their life.

Here is an e-mail we received from Katie:

Subject: Our AMAZING video!

Date: July 7, 2010

Jennifer & John,
Dave and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time you spent making our video. We watched it on our 6 month anniversary…can’t believe it was that long ago. We will treasure this for the rest of our lives and look forward to showing our kids someday.  What a great job you have!

Katie and Dave

Church   // St. John’s

Reception Venue  //  Indiana Roof Ballroom

Band  // Living Proof

Photography  //  SB Childs Photography


Bekah {and} Gino

Bekah + Gino from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.


This was a wedding we filmed in Crawfordsville, Indiana and was one we were looking forward to. While Bekah was getting ready, I noticed what appeared to be vintage hats. Bekah spent some time finding these hats and they are authentic vintage hats. Part of the day Bekah and the girls got ready at her childhood home and we really love this because it allows us to look at family pictures and little things around the home that mean something to the Bride or Groom. As you watch this, we included a shot of a music instrument because Bekah and her family are so talented. Bekah has a beautiful voice. If you remember Luke Menard from American Idol, well that’s her brother. We can always gauge the closeness of the family by the speeches and we could tell there was an incredible bond on both Gino and Bekah’s sides of the family.

The wedding ceremony was more than a ceremony, it was an experience. Gino was surprised by a song that Bekah sang to him, which caught him a little off guard.

We enjoyed working with Brock and Stefanie Childs with SB Childs Photography…’s always a fun time. Check out the images they captured HERE

Jim Cerone was the DJ and as always, he kept the event alive and energized. Was great working with him as well. Jim has a little cameo appearance in this film.

John and Jennifer


Andrew [+] Katy – Wedding

Andrew + Katy from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

We were keeping our eye on the weather for this wedding. I kept pulling my iPhone out to check the radar to see if we would have any windows of opportunity to get some shots outside. There were small little windows to get some quick shots. We ventured inside the Indiana State Museum and there was some square dancing going on. We kept thinking of ways to use this moment. We talked to the guy running the square dancing to see if we could get Andrew and Katy involved. They welcomed them with open arms. Many of the couples dancing had been married 40 and 50 plus years. It was an interesting contrast seeing Andrew and Katy in the middle of these older square dancers. It was fun listening to the banter of marriage advice given to them as they walked out.

Katy looked so beautiful. One of our favorite parts is when Katy had her dress on and she and her Mom had one of those mother daughter moments. A moment realizing that the wedding day is a milestone. Andrew and Katy looked great together and we loved their personalized vows.

Church Tabernacle Presbyterian Church
Venue Mariott-Indianapolis Downtown


Katie & David

Katie & David from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.


This is a trailer for a wedding we filmed on Saturday at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in downtown Indianapolis. The wedding was amazing and we were very impressed with how close this large family is to one another. Everything seemed to fit and flow so well. The reception was at one of the best ballrooms around, The Indiana Roof Ballroom.

The wedding day was very cold. Some of the wind chill readings were hitting -6. Everyone in the wedding party were very good sports about going out into the cold frigid air. We never heard one complaint and they made the best out of a very cold day. What an amazing Bride and great couple. We look forward to editing the final production of this wedding film.

We spent the day shooting with Stefanie and Brock Child’s of SB Childs Photography. We love shooting with them as we seem to have just the right chemistry.

We appreciate and encourage comments.

Thank you,
John and Jennifer Moon
Northernlight Filmworks


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